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Dear Colleague,

We hope you enjoyed hearing about the Pharmacy Advocacy Task Force’s forthcoming agenda about practice expansion during the 2018 MPhA Annual Learning Networking Event. Specifically, the Task Force will be continuing the groundwork for expanding pharmacists’ scope of practice for naloxone, oral contraception, travel medicines and smoking cessation products.The Task Force will also be supporting efforts to recognize pharmacists as mental health providers and efforts to allow pharmacists to administer medication.

As Co-Chairs of the MPhA Public Affairs Committee and Co-Chair of the Pharmacy Advocacy Task Force, respectively, we are requesting your support through a monetary contribution to the MPhA Pharmacy Advocacy Fund. As noted during the Annual Learning Networking Event, the MPhA Board of Directors has voted to fund a lobbyist year round to work on the Pharmacy Advocacy Task Force’s agenda for 2017-2018 in conjunction with the other organizations who are task force members. The funding for the lobbying activity will be raised through donations to the Pharmacy Advocacy Fund.

Based on our previous experience and looking ahead to the future, we believe it will be key for the Task Force to continue to enlist the services of a professional lobbyist to coordinate its professional legislative efforts. As an organization we are unable to provide this service through membership dues and are asking for your help in ensuring our annual goal of $19,000 is achieved by contributing to the Pharmacy Advocacy Fund. Your generosity thus far has allowed us to be active in the 2017 session and we appreciate it!

Examples of previously successful MPhA legislative efforts include broader immunization and collaborative practice authority for pharmacists, expanded technician ratios, and legislation on PBM audits and MAC pricing transparency and on biosimilar substitution.

As fellow members of MPhA, I know you also have a vested interest in the health of our Minnesota communities and all that pharmacists can do to add to the health of our communities. Although advocacy work has always been important to us, we do not have the resources in our operating budget and we must raise these additional funds to devote specifically to these contracted advocacy efforts. We pledge that funds raised through this campaign will be specifically allocated to our legislative and advocacy efforts.

We welcome contributions from small and large businesses as well as individuals. Individuals, please give what you can. Businesses, please consider making a $1,000 per store contribution to aid in this important work. Your support of the Pharmacy Advocacy Fund will ensure MPhA maintains a strong voice on important pharmacy practice, business and professional issues in Minnesota's legislative and regulatory arenas that guarantee we can provide optimal services to our patients. Thank you in advance for your contributions. We look forward to great accomplishments!

Highest respects on behalf of the MPhA Board of Directors and Leadership Team,

Jeff Lindoo
MPhA Past President and Co-Chair Public Affairs Committee

Julie Freeman
Co-Chair Public Affairs Committee

Jill Strykowski
MPhA Past President and Co-Chair Pharmacy Advocacy Task Force

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