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Member Spotlight: Allyson Schlichte, PharmD

Allyson Schlichte, PharmD, is the Medication Therapy Management Provider and Operations Lead at the Fairview Specialty Services Pharmacy in Minneapolis. “I work at our company offices three days a week, and then two days per week I take care of patients at the Fairview Uptown Clinic.”


Allyson studied at Drake University in Iowa, where she received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Originally upon enrolling in postsecondary school she wanted to become a dentist, saying, “I really wanted to help people and thought being a dentist would be a great way to get to know patients, but then I started learning more about drugs and found them to be absolutely fascinating. Thank goodness for that very wise admissions counselor!”

With 11 years’ experience working in the pharmacy profession, Allyson started her career at Walmart pharmacy. She ultimately worked her way to Fairview Health Services in Minneapolis. When asked what she likes most about her profession, she responded, “I get to work one-on-one with patients and their medications. It’s so rewarding to watch patients reach their health goals. It’s also really fun to help people whittle down their medication lists — I watched one of my patients go from high doses of basal and bolus insulin, down to just 500mg of metformin over the course of a year while he made substantial changes to his diet and exercise. He feels so much better and is so much happier — that’s what is so great about what I get to do. I love building the relationships with people as they go through their own health care journeys.”

When discussing why her membership to MPhA is a value to her career, Allyson said, “I’ve met some amazing and supportive people within the MPhA community. I keep up my membership because it’s always fun to meet new pharmacists, technicians, students and other pharmacy friends as well as catch up with the ones I’ve known quite a while.” She also noted that a topic worth exploring within the association and its membership is pharmacist burnout, saying, “I would love to see MPhA start discussions and dialogue about pharmacist burnout. We hear so much about physician burnout and now nursing burnout, but no one is talking about pharmacists. We have to start taking better care of ourselves!”

When she isn’t working with patients at the Fairview clinics, Allyson likes to bike (weather and seasons permitting). “I spend a lot of time on a bicycle; during the summer out on the lovely trails in Minneapolis and St. Paul, usually sampling some local craft brews along the way. In the winter you’ll find me in cycle class at Lifetime Bloomington South.”

The last movie she saw was HBO’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. “I understand it’s a book many U of MN students read. It was definitely a difficult, but enthralling watch.”

Allyson’s favorite meal is a culinary classic: “My favorite food is still Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (only the kind in shapes, no elbow macaroni for me). I’m not sure there is even anything one would consider real food in there, but it’s awesome!”

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