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Mission and Vision


Serving Minnesota pharmacist providers to advance patient care.


We will be a vital organization of engaged Minnesota pharmacy professionals. We will be recognized for leadership in advancing patient care.


Engagement: We value engaged pharmacy professionals who are open to listening to others and cooperating with others as they work toward a greater good for all patients. We know that through engagement, individuals will see the value of membership and choose to participate as members of MPhA.

Patient Care: We maintain an ongoing commitment to excellent patient care, continuous quality improvement, and adoption of standards of practice to improve care delivery and patient outcomes.

Inter-professional Collaboration: We recognize that patient care does not occur in isolation and support and promote inter-professional collaboration and cooperation between health care professionals from many different specialty areas.

Economic Viability of Practice: We recognize that, in order to provide quality patient care, a practice must remain financially viable and we will work to maintain a strong economic environment for pharmacy practice.

Advocacy: We are actively engaged in advocacy efforts to ensure that laws and regulations keep pace with the evolution of the profession, and to increase public awareness of the role of pharmacists in advancing patient care.

Workforce: We recognize the importance of a vital workforce and workplace environments that support the delivery of patient care services, and engage in efforts to achieve this in all practice settings.

Lifelong Learning and Professional Development: We believe that ongoing education and professional development is essential to quality, patient-centered care; we support and encourage that in our organization and through our offerings.

Pharmacy Teamwork Development: We acknowledge and appreciate the level of expertise of all pharmacy professionals, including pharmacy technicians, and encourage ongoing collaboration to optimize patient care.

Diversity in Membership: We are an organization with an inclusive culture that appreciates the diversity associated with pharmacy practices across settings.

Professional Collaborations and Relationships: We recognize there is strength in collaboration, and encourage and promote networking among pharmacy professionals and partnership with other professional organizations to advance common goals.

Adopted by the MPhA Board of Directors on Thursday, August 14, 2014.

    Minnesota Pharmacists Association

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