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September 22, 2017
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News from MPhA

Mission Moment:

Jill Strykowski, MPhA Past President and Director of Pharmacy at Mercy Hospital, has been leading a system effort at Allina Health to rebuild the Home Infusion Therapy Services program and just received endorsement to continue to grow and resource the program. The picture shows the Allina Home Infusion team, including Jill (shown at center).

Editor’s Note: During our recent Annual Learning Networking Event, MPhA made note of Mission Moments — those times when a member clearly exemplified our mission to advance patient care. As we move forward through the coming year, we hope to showcase these Mission Moments as part of Small Doses. If you have an example to share, please send it to Laurie Pumper

APhA Pinnacle Award Goes to MPhA Member, HealthPartners

MPhA member Daniel Rehrauer, PharmD, and his team at HealthPartners received a Pinnacle Award from the American Pharmacists Association. Watch a video describing the impressive outcomes of HealthPartners’ Medication Therapy Management Program.

The Minnesota-based HealthPartners MTM Program is an integrated health organization that provides care delivery and health plans functions through a network of community and clinic-based pharmacists, according to its video. The largest consumer-governed nonprofit health care organization in the country, with nearly 900,000 members across all 50 states now, HealthPartners began in 2006 and is unique in that it integrates insurance and care delivery. All providers are able to share data and work together as a team to achieve patient care goals.

“Everything we do is related to the triple aim,” Rehrauer said in his remarks. He spoke of “proving the value a pharmacist can provide when integrated with a patient’s care,” and said HealthPartners has the data to show its work positively affects patient experience, outcomes, and cost of care.

On September 19, Rehrauer was the featured guest speaker at the Pinnacle Awards Innovations in Pharmacy Practice Lecture held at APhA headquarters. His lecture, From Medicare to Coverage for All: The Evolution of an MTM Program Over a Decade, showcased the Health Partners MTM program.

Pharmacy Advocacy Task Force Represents Minnesota Interests in DC

Minnesota’s Pharmacy Advocacy Task Force lobbyist Buck Humphrey and MPhA Interim Executive Director Marsha Millonig were in Washington, D.C., early this week. They combined celebrating HealthPartners’ award with members Dan Rehrauer and Sue Cooper with advocacy agenda visits to national association government affairs leaders including from NASPA, NCPA, NACDS and APhA.

Minnesota News

James Cloyd Receives Award for Excellence in Epilepsy Care

James Cloyd, III, PharmD, has been selected to receive the American Epilepsy Society (AES) 2017 J. Kiffin Penry Award for Excellence in Epilepsy Care. Established in 1997 with an original gift from Abbott Laboratories and now supported through the J. Kiffin Penry Fund of AES, this award honors Dr. Penry's lifelong focus on and genuine concern for the patient with epilepsy. It recognizes individuals whose work has had a major impact on patient care and improved the quality of life for persons with epilepsy as well as recognizing excellence in the care of persons with epilepsy.

"The award is particularly meaningful to me as I worked closely with Dr. Penry during the early years of my career," said Cloyd, a professor at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology. "He set a standard for excellence in patient care, education, and research that I've tried to emulate."

Cloyd will receive the award at the 2017 AES Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. on Dec. 4.

MCCP Annual Fall Social

The Minnesota College of Clinical Pharmacy (MCCP) invites MPhA members to the group’s Annual Fall Social on Monday, Sept. 25. Help welcome Dean Lynda Welage of the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy. All pharmacists, residents and pharmacy students are welcome. There is no cost to attend the event, which will be held at Bad Weather Brewing Company in St. Paul. Download the flyer for full information.

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Are Efforts to Control Opioid Addiction Fueling an Increase in Pharmacy Crime?

From Pharmacists Mutual’s Risk Management Newsletter: Despite aggressive measures to control the problem of opioid addiction, the rate of addiction continues to grow at an alarming rate. In the past five years, Pharmacists Mutual has seen a 62% increase in burglary and robbery at pharmacies. Learn more about the problem and what your pharmacy can do to minimize your risk of being a crime target. Read the full article

Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company offers Risk Management Newsletter as a service to its customers.

In addition, MPhA Leadership Residents Stephanie Swanson and Natalie Roy have created a Minnesota Opioid Toolkit on the MPhA website.

Other Opioid Crisis Updates

From APhA’s Pharmacy Today, Sept. 18: The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has awarded about $144 million in grants to prevent and treat opioid addiction. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) will administer the grants. “Opioid use disorders continue to plague our nation,” said Elinore McCance-Katz, MD, assistant secretary for Mental Health and Substance Abuse. “These funds will support and expand prevention, treatment and recovery services in America’s communities.” Get additional details about the grants.

The New York Times reported on Sept. 18 that many insurers are limiting access to expensive pain medications that carry a lower risk of addiction or dependence, even as they provide comparatively easy access to generic opioid medications. The insurers have also put up more hurdles to addiction treatment than for the addictive substances themselves. For their part, insurers say they have been addressing the issue on many fronts, such as monitoring patients’ opioid prescriptions and doctors’ prescribing patterns. Read more.

National News

October Is American Pharmacists Month: Prepare Now!

American Pharmacists Month (APhM) is a great opportunity to celebrate and share your contributions to your patients’ health and the health of your communities. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to recognize your pharmacy staff and reach out to your patients. APhA encourages all pharmacists and pharmacy owners to think about the most effective and fun ways you can celebrate. APhA has put together a planning guide filled with ideas and events that spotlight YOUR contributions toward improving medication use and advancing patient care. Included in the guide is a catalog of merchandise you can use to enhance your celebrations.

Throughout American Pharmacists Month and beyond, APhA celebrates and shares compelling stories from its extraordinary pharmacist members. If you're an APhA pharmacist member, APhA invites you to share a story of a time when you provided outstanding patient care that positively impacted the life of a patient.

APhA would also love to share your celebrations this year. Use #APhM2017 on social media or send your photos and videos with a brief description of your celebration to Please also let MPhA know what you and your pharmacy are planning; email today.

New 340B Database Goes Live

From Bruce Thompson, Comprehensive Pharmacy Services, Sept. 20: The registration component of 340B OPAIS, the Office of Pharmacy Affairs’ new and improved 340B program database, went live on Sept. 18 and is “ready for participating Covered Entities and Manufacturers to create User Accounts and access the system,” OPA announced on its homepage.

OPA has created a new informational page about 340B OPAIS on its website, including a summary of system highlights covering topics such as important changes in primary areas and what users can do when they are or are not logged in. The page also has recordings of last week’s introductory webinars for providers and manufacturers, tutorials covering topics such as creating an account and user roles and permissions, and the 340B OPAIS user guide.

Here are some key elements of 340B OPAIS:

  • The authorizing official (AO) and the primary contact (PC) must be different individuals and neither can be a consultant.
  • The AO and PCs for a covered entity must have a registered email and password in the new system. Passwords automatically expire every 60 days.
  • The new system requires a two-step authentication with each login session (6-digit code sent to the registered email address).
  • Only the AO can attest to changes, registrations, terminations, and recertification for a covered entity.
  • PCs can enter data (changes, registrations); the system will automatically create a pending task for the AO to edit, deny or attest (approve).
  • AOs will receive email notification alerts every 24 hours for pending tasks until the tasks are completed or have expired.
  • New entity registration documentation identified during the registration process must be submitted by email or fax to HRSA the same day the registration is submitted or the registration submission will be deleted from the system.
  • There are no changes in registration requirements or required information.
  • Public users do not have to register logins and create passwords. Public users will be able to continue to search covered entities, contract pharmacies, contract pharmacy carve in lists, manufacturers, and Medicaid Exclusion Files. Public users can also export public reports from the public files listed.
  • The new system contains help, search and link functions.

340B OPAIS will also house the statutorily mandated secure website to make 340B ceiling prices available to providers. HRSA indicates the ceiling price site will be released at a later date. The ceiling price files will be accessed from the new system with a separate login and two-step authentication and will be limited to the same AOs and PCs. Contact Bruce Thompson with questions or concerns.

Organizations Meet with HHS on Pharmacist Provider Status

From NCPA Advocacy Center Update, Sept. 17: The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) attended a meeting last week with Mr. John Brooks, Health Policy Counselor to U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Secretary Tom Price, to discuss the importance of pharmacist provider status along with other members of the Patient Access to Pharmacists’ Care Coalition (PAPCC) steering committee. NCPA had the opportunity to discuss the importance of patient access to rural pharmacy services, where oftentimes an independent pharmacy is the sole provider in the community. NCPA will continue to work with PAPCC members to urge passage of H.R. 592/S. 109, which is now up to 207 cosponsors in the House and 44 in the Senate.

MPhA Events

Register Now: Southeast Minnesota Pharmacist Night Extravaganzapalooza in Rochester

Thursday, October 12, 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. CDT

Join us for an interactive evening and town hall as area pharmacists from the 11 counties of the Southeast District of MPhA gather and welcome current President Michelle Aytay and MPhA Interim Executive Director Marsha Millonig to Rochester on Thursday evening, October 12, at the Kahler Apache Hotel with food provided by The Canadian Honker. Our meal is provided through the gracious support of Pharmaceutical Specialties of Rochester, makers of Vanicream and the new Vanicream Z-Bar. (

Marsha will provide a dynamic session entitled “21st Century Cures Act,” in which you will learn the goals of this wide reaching legislation, the major provisions within each of the Act’s core areas of discovery, development and delivery of medical products, and how patients, researchers, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, payers and health care providers will be impacted by the Act. The session is approved for 1 hour CE with the MN Board of Pharmacy.

Michelle and Sherwood will then lead the town hall portion of the evening where we can have a good old-fashioned opportunity to share our ideas, concerns and thoughts with each other and MPhA leadership. The Town Hall will begin with thoughts from the University of Minnesota’s new Dean Lynda Welage. Our District has a long history of hosting the Dean, including Dean Banker and Dean Speedie.

The event begins with registration and networking at 5:30 p.m. We promise to adjourn by 8 p.m.

Please register by Monday, October 9, 2017.

October 12, 2017 • Rochester, MN
Members attend FREE • Non-members are $15.

Register Online

Register by September 25: Delivering Medication Therapy Management

Saturday, October 21, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

This program qualifies you to register as a provider with MN Medicaid and conduct and receive payment for Medication Therapy Management services. APhA’s Delivering Medication Therapy Management Services Certificate training program (3rd Edition) presents a systematic approach for developing, implementing, delivering, and sustaining MTM services.

It includes an overview of the marketplace for delivering MTM services, guidance for implementing MTM services in pharmacy practice, a review of the essential skills and knowledge needed for performing MTM successfully, and an organized process for identifying medication-related problems. The purpose of this certificate training program is to prepare pharmacists to improve medication use through the delivery of MTM services in a variety of practice settings.

Facilitators: Julie Jackman, PharmD, BCACP, Genoa Healthcare; and Michelle A. Johnson, PharmD, BCACP, Fairview Pharmacy Services

Registration Deadline: September 25

Read more

October 21, 2017 • Saint Paul, MN
MPhA Member Cost: $499 • Non-member cost: $625

Register Online

Did You Know?

Hurricane Resources Update

From NCPA Advocacy Center Update, Sept. 17: The Surescripts-Allscripts partnership to provide pharmacists in hurricane impacted areas access to patient-specific medication history data has now been expanded to include Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina for a limited time. With a 12-month view of a patient's medication history information, pharmacists can limit adverse drug events and avoid errors, particularly when treating patients who have been displaced and may not have their prescription information available. To access the service, follow the steps listed here. Also, you can help pharmacies that have sustained hurricane damage. Donate to the NCPA Foundation's Disaster Fund today. Every penny donated goes to affected pharmacies.