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MPhA Public Affairs Action Alert and Committee Report

Monday, March 21, 2016   (0 Comments)
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We need action now from pharmacists to keep one of our bills moving forward in the legislature this year.

SF 2408/HF 2507 Pharmacist Prescribing of Naloxone

Allows pharmacists to prescribe and dispense naloxone.
SF 2408 | Authors: Eaton, Lourey

HF 2507 | Author: Barrett

We see growing opposition from the Minnesota Medical Association; its members see this as a slippery slope on their prescribing authority and feel that the collaborative authority that pharmacists now have is adequate to make naloxone available in the marketplace. Call your Senator and Representative to let them know that pharmacists need to be able to independently prescribe naloxone and about the lives that can be saved with that authority.

Watch this space for important updates during the next 8 to 10 weeks. MPhA’s Public Affairs Committee is proactively working on pharmacy-related legislation and working to assure that your interests are represented at the Capitol. Read a summary of legislative activity at the Capitol.

With the extremely short session this year, we are already hearing from legislative Committee Administrators and Committee Chairs that competition for time on committee agendas is fierce and there is not time to hear all bills. We are working with bill authors on strategies to assure that our issues don’t end up on the cutting room floor. If you need contact information for your Senator or Representative, visit the Minnesota Legislature’s website.

SF 1530/HF 1587 Freedom of Choice for Pharmacy Services

Requires health plans to allow any pharmacy to participate in a network contract, as long as they are willing and able to accept/meet the terms and conditions of the contract.

SF 1530 | Authors: Hoffman, Metzen, Lourey, Sheran, Rosen.
Status: Passed all relevant Senate committees in 20105, re-referred to Finance Committee this year.

HF 1587 | Authors: Hamilton, Atkins, Davids, Lien.
Status: Referred to Commerce Committee in 2015. No action.
Our primary hurdle with this legislation is getting a hearing in the House Commerce Committee.

SF 2548/HF 2512 Extended Medication Supply

Allows pharmacist to change the quantity on a prescription up to a 90-day supply without contacting the prescriber, as long as there are refills to cover and medication is not a controlled substance.

SF 2548 | Author: J. Rosen
Introduced on March 10. Referred to Health, Human Services and Housing Committee.

HF 2512 | Author: R. Peterson
Passed out of the House Health & Human Services Reform (policy) committee to the House floor this week.

SF 1440/HF 1652 Modifications to the Prescription Monitoring Program

Allows the pharmacist and prescriber to access the PMP in situations other than when considering prescribing or filling a controlled substance prescription. Also allows the Board of Pharmacy to maintain PMP data for a longer period for trend analysis purposes

SF 1440 | Authors: Rosen, Eaton, Hoffman, Benson, Murphy.
Status: Passed all relevant committees in the Senate in 2015, returned to Judiciary Committee and was passed out of committee, back to the Senate Floor on March 8.

HF 1652 | Authors: Baker, Clark.
Status: Passed HHS Reform and Civil Law & Data Practices Committees with several amendments modifying some of the access provisions and the length of time the Board can retain data in 2015. Re-referred (in error) to HHS Reform Committee. Several members of the House have significant concerns about data privacy around this bill. We will fight to maintain the Senate language.

SF 1425/HF 1503 Collection and Disposal of unused Medications by Pharmacies

Allows pharmacies to implement the DEA’s new rule for disposal of unused medications, including controlled substances, from the public and long-term care facilities.

SF 1425 | Authors: Rosen, Eaton, Hoffman, Benson, Marty.
Status: Passed HHS Policy Committee in the Senate in 2015.  Re-referred to HHS Policy. Scheduled to be heard March 11, in HHS Policy Committee.

HF 1503 | Author: Barrett.
Status: Referred to HHS Policy Committee in 2015. No action.

SF 934/HF 1060 Prior Authorizations (From the Minnesota Medical Association)

Places limitations and requirements on PBMs and health plans on circumstances when prior authorization, step therapy, etc., can be placed on a drug and how the process must be handled.

SF 934 | Authors: Franzen, Sheran, Rosen, Metzen, Marty.
Status: Passed HHS Policy, Commerce and State & Local Government Committees. Referred to HHS Finance.

HF 1060 | Authors: Albright, Zerwas, Murphy, E., Gruenhagen, Dean, M., Schoen, Hamilton, Liebling, Uglem, Schultz , Lillie, Dill, Baker, Clark.
Status: Referred to HHS Reform, no action.

Medicaid Reimbursement

CMS released its new 658-page Covered Outpatient Drug Rule in January, outlining how states are to reimburse pharmacies for prescription Drugs. MPhA is reviewing various interpretations of that rule and we have met with Sara Drake, Pharmacy Program Director for Minnesota Department of Human Services, to better understand the impact of that rule on Medicaid reimbursement in Minnesota. Our current understanding of this rule is that Minnesota will be required to change the reimbursement methodology and the dispensing fee for both generic and brand name drugs for community pharmacies. It is most likely that this action will happen in the 2017 legislative session. Sara Drake and Dave Hoang from the Minnesota Department of Human Services will host a round table on this issue during Minnesota Pharmacy Legislative Day on April 5.

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