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MPhA Committees
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MPhA Committees

MPhA Committees

Participation in MPhA committees provides an opportunity for you to play a key role in shaping the direction of the association and helping to advance the priorities identified by the membership to support Minnesota pharmacists in advancing patient care. We recognize that your time is valuable and strive to ensure that each committee is operating effectively and efficiently, and is focused on clear deliverables to achieve MPhA’s mission.

Recognizing the time members’ have available to dedicate to committee work varies, MPhA’s committee structure is designed to provide opportunities with a range of time commitments – from those with meetings just two times per year, to those that meet monthly. Please consider signing up for a committee that best meets your interests and availability.

The following are the committees for 2016-2017:

  • Policy Committee on Public Affairs: Monitor legislative and regulatory activities to identify issues likely to come before the Minnesota Legislature pertaining to pharmacy. Review bills introduced and provide guidance to staff consistent with MPhA policies. Make recommendations to the board of directors on issues for which policy positions have not yet been developed, or for modifications to existing policy positions. Develop a proposed policy for consideration of the 2014 House of Delegates that delineates an algorithm for guiding decisions and allowing MPhA to respond in a timely way to new issues that are introduced. Provide input into development of strategies and grassroots initiatives. Participate in efforts to modernize the Minnesota Pharmacy Practice Act. Review proposed board policies or special committees pertaining to public affairs.

Meeting frequency: 8 Meetings/Year. Bi-monthly Aug. – Dec. / Monthly Jan. – May

  • Policy Committee on Professional and Organizational Affairs:
    • Monitor state agency activities pertaining to health reform to stay abreast of opportunities for pharmacists to provide input into policy decisions and to identify new opportunities for pharmacists to advance patient care. Recommend qualilfied candidates to the MPhA board of directors to endorse for appointments to formal vacancies, service on committees or task forces, or other mechanisms for input identified by state agencies and regulatory bodies. Review and make recommendations to the MPhA board on opportunities to participate or collaborate with other organizations to advance professional affairs. Identify and make recommendations that should be recognized as high priorities for the profession in the short and long term. Review proposed board and special committee policy pertaining to professional affairs topics (patient safety, public health, continuing education, practice advancement etc.).

    • Review of MPhA bylaws and recommendations for modernization. Review of proposed policies pertaining to organizational affairs. Review of proposed policies from special committees pertaining to organizational affairs topics (awards/recognition, events, membership, student and resident relations, bylaws, and organizational policies)

    • Member engagement subcommittee
      • Review current membership structure, dues, and benefits provided by MPhA. Develop recommendations to the MPhA board of directors on any modifications.
      • Review the current process for dues renewals, and correspondence to members related to their membership benefits. Work with staff to develop membership recruitment and retention plan.
      • Monitor membership reports and trends, and make recommendations to the MPhA board of directors on actions to increase membership.
      • Prepare ideas to engage and increase membership through key stakeholders, including but not limited to, students, new Minnesotans, and Academies.
      • Review MPhA’s current website and connectivity plan to determine if message boards, connections, etc. can be better utilized by members to collaborate, connect and become involved.

Meeting frequency: Meeting frequency: monthly

  • Awards Committee: This committee reviews and recommends changes to the current MPhA award system, including changes in criteria or creation of new awards, and the process for soliciting nominations from MPhA members. Review nomination forms received and will select award recipients to be honored at the annual meeting.

Meeting frequency: Twice annually.

  • Education and Events Advisory Committee: Review proposed approach and provide input into the development of MPhA events (Pharmacy Nights, Clinical CE Programs, MTM & Immunization Training Programs, Legislative Day) and the MPhA Annual Meeting. Provide input and guidance on speaker topics, event schedule, and presenters. Review strategic changes made to MPhA events and make recommendations to the MPhA board on future directions for MPhA events. Advise on the promotion of events MPhA has committed to co-sponsor (e.g. Midwest Pharmacy Expo).

Meeting frequency: 12 Meetings/Year.

  • Editorial Advisory Board: Publish a professional Journal to be used as a resource to the MPhA membership and the pharmacy community at large in regards to all topics related to Minnesota pharmacists and issues. This Journal includes articles which provide: industry updates, education, best practices and ideologies, legislative updates and proposals which have an effect on the practice of pharmacists and pharmacies. Review the strategic changes made to the distribution of the journal and approach for generating advertising revenue and make recommendations to the board of directors for further refinements, or adjustments to the approach for generating advertising revenue. Advise and participate in the development of content for the new MPhA website to be launched in early 2014.

Meeting frequency: 6 Meetings/Year. Bi-monthly.

  • Student and New Practitioner Committee: Review MPhA’s current approach to student and new practitioner relations. Make recommendations to the board of directors to refine the approach to better meet the needs of students and new practitioners. Develop recommendations that address how MPhA can better integrate the work of MPhA into the College of Pharmacy, and how MPhA can improve networking opportunities for students and new practitioners at MPhA continuing education events. Identify unique models for residency opportunities and make recommendations to the Editorial Advisory Committee on potential models to be highlighted in MPhA publications. Participate in the planning and execution of one MPhA sponsored event, and one targeted learning activity in conjunction with a regularly scheduled MPhA event.

Meeting frequency: 5 Meetings/Year. Sept. - May

If you are interested in becoming a part of any MPhA committee, please fill out a volunteer interest indicator. Thank you.

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