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Our Advocacy Agenda
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Our Advocacy Agenda

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The Minnesota Pharmacists Association is the primary organization in the state that provides representation for pharmacists’ interests with state departments, regulatory agencies, and the Minnesota Legislature.

At MPhA, we understand that the state laws and regulations provide the framework under which Minnesota pharmacists practice, and we are committed to ensuring that public officials recognize the professional qualifications of pharmacists, and act to support legislation that will allow pharmacists to practice to the full extent of their capabilities and be reimbursed adequately for these services.

We are actively engaged in advocacy efforts to ensure that laws and regulations keep pace with the evolution of the profession, and to increase public awareness of the role of pharmacists in advancing patient care.

Current issues MPhA is working on through its policy committees and in conjunction with the Pharmacy Advocacy Task Force include:

  • Adequate Medicaid reimbursement and other reimbursement issues
  • Communicating that Canadian drug importation is neither a safe nor effective means of reducing prescription drug costs
  • Expanding pharmacists ability to be part of the solution by increasing patient access to:
    • Naloxone, an opioid antagonist
    • Hormonal contraceptives
    • Tobacco cessation medications
    • Travel medicines
    • Pharmacist services as part of the mental health services team
    • Medication administration
  • Medication recycling proposals
  • Opioid stewardship proposals
  • Patient fair practices and protections
  • Prior authorization and step therapy issues
  • Pharmaceutical waste disposal implementation
  • Increased responsibilities for pharmacy technicians

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